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Comprehensive Cloud Service

Comprehensive Cloud Service (Saas - Software as a Service) means that the software and the server environment that the server needs to function has been rented for a monthly fee. Oscar Softwares cloud services offers you a cost-effective and safe way to utilize the most modern technology where ever you are.


Licenses to Cloud Services

You can acquire the softwares needed with a traditional licensing princible. The alternative solution is to rent the sofwares for a monthly fee (ASP - Application Service Providing) to your own or third part server. 


Operator Services

We offer you the operator services you need through our business associates. The list is long but we can offer you for example e-Invoicing and EDI-connection Services.


Software Development

Oscar Sofware also offers services for Software Development.  If you have development needs or need to design more functions to your business services our experts can offer you manager services to your needs. The sky's the limit so don't be afraid to contact us.


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