Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions (ERP)




Transportation and Logistics


Product Selection Management

With Oscar you can manage your collection of products easily and make decisions easier with updated and current data. You can easily categorize products with the help of different kind of customer based factors. You can make use of them with product search and reporting.


Sales Management

Oscar’s sales management has been built to be flexible. With the system you can manage wholesale, industry and even project management fluently. With cash register functions you can also manage retail purchases.


Supply Management

With supply management you can flexibly handle all the company’s purchasing needs. Planning purchases is more fluent and based on a real information. The supply requirements can always be exploited in real time. 

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Inventory Management


Product Structure Management

With Oscar you can control the most complicated structures of your products from phase to phase. You can use product structures as a structural assembly in wholesale but the best results you get when structural assembly is used in a manufacturing company.


Inventory Accounting

Inventory is the center of material management and logistics. With Oscar you make it easier and faster to work in a storage. With inventory management you can for example do better on managing the items in a storage, shelving, collecting, packing and delivering items. With the warehouse management system, we optimize every process which are made inside the storage. 


Batch and Serial Number Tracking

Oscar contains diverse batch and serial number tracking functionalities, that help to track single products and material batches. If a title is set to batch and/or serial number tracking, the system automatically asks what batch or individual number you are indicating to when handling a certain title. The tracking of individual level can also be exploited in maintenance functions.

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Resource Planning and Project Management


Project Steering

Thanks to Oscar’s comprehensive project steering, management and project managers have constant access to real time information about the work and projects.  With the aid of real time data and a simple interface, project management can be conducted in a centralized manner, with just one system. 


Production Tools

Production tools facilitate the daily work and tasks of the management and employees, providing accurate information at the right time, in the right place.  


Production Planning

Production planning allows you to reduce production turnaround times, which entails faster and more reliable delivery. Profitability is improved when the actual production costs and bottlenecks are known. It also enables rapid responses to changed circumstances, when needed.

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Talousosasto® -services


Oscar Talousosasto® (Oscar Finance department) offers all the financial solutions as widely as the customer needs them. Starting point is that financial management is done in a customer’s Oscar database. This way there is no need for separate data transfers.

This guarantees in-time and high-quality information to the management and to all others who needs economic data. For example, when a salesman is making an offer or an order, he/she sees the customer’s availabilities and this way he/she can estimate f. ex. credit risk if needed. Company’s Management can view very versatile BI-reports according to different parts of business.


Financial Management

Accounts Receivable

With the help of Oscar Invoicing and Accounts Receivable company’s invoicing and sales management are fast and proficient. Thanks to Oscars great Bank Integration Sales Management is almost entirely automatized.


Accounts Payable

In Purchase Management company´s national and foreign purchase invoices and outgoing payments are maintained. Via Oscar´s advanced Bank Integration all banking operations can be done very quickly.  With an electric circulation and processing of purchase invoices, you´ll save a great amount of time compared to traditional ways.


Financial Accounting and Bookkeeping

In Financial Accounting and Bookkeeping you maintain and create company´s bookkeeping vouchers, except for those which come direct from purchase, sales or payroll computation. If all information from invoices is in Accounts Ledger the bookkeeping data is on time.

The audit trail is unbreakable from order to bookkeeping voucher. Different types of Internal Business Accounting reports can retrieve data from several sources; like Bookkeeping, Budgeting and Managerial Accounting.


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Customer Relationship Management

Targeting Marketing

By leading and analyzing sales profit you can evaluate future progress and point both sales and marketing resources to the right direction. Oscar makes it possible to categorize and segment clienteles without limitations. You can use offer and order information when targeting different categorizing criteria. 


Event Management

Anyone can log customer related past and future transactions in Oscar’s customer management system. System automatically reminds you about the future events. You can see them also in any active task list or calendar. The sales management can follow sales activity easily and transparent. Users can log and track their activities easily where ever they are.


Sales’ Tools

With Oscar it is possible to control sales and customership from sales tip to final deal. Oscar offers a solution which helps you to see the phases of sales pipeline and even dig deeper. Sales management can use system’s traditional user interphase which is directed to an intensive user or they can use an easy user interphase which is designed to sales that are mobile.

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Human Resources Management


HR Management and Recruiting

HR management’s tools can help you plan and track employees’ targets and education plans. These tools can also help you with developing personnel and competence and effectively control your resources.

Working Hours Tracking and Shift Planning

Oscars tracking tool is easy-to-use and modern software package. With the help of this tool you can gain the advantage of automation.  Information about employees’ working hours are flawless and accurate and the system can compare working hours between different tasks and shifts. You can also import the payroll data you have gotten from the comparison to an external payroll system if you want.

Shift planning is a comprehensive planning tool that has the option to plan shifts as weekly or as periods of time. You can also view and plan employees’ shifts based on their previous actions. The holiday period planning has been made really easy with a visual and simple calendar view. 


With Oscar’s solutions you will strengthen payroll activities. You can bring information easily from other modules like production management module or tracking working hours. 

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Maintenance and Equipment Management


Work Orders for Maintenance

Work Orders for Maintenance tells what the employee should be doing and where. The management can plan work days and make effeciency top priority. With this tool you and the possible subcontractors can see their work status and log necessary information in real time.


Maintenance Order Handling

Maintenance order handling means the prosess when your device arrives to service and when it may be sent to further repairing. After repairing the device is sent to the customer. Maintenance work is registered into orders which makes it possible to create work orders to the system.


Maintenance Agreement Management

This tool is the way to make your functions profitable and maintain cost-efficiency and competitiveness. To the target lines of the maintenance agreement can be registered individual devices, other targets or f.ex. licenses. 

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Integration and Interfaces



An extranet web service created for the company’s important stakeholders and integrated in the ERP system can be utilized, for instance, by clients, suppliers, partners and retailers. In addition, an intranet can be created for the company’s own personnel. An extranet and intranet enable you to commit and serve important stakeholders and your own personnel even more effectively. 


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Management Tools


Quality Management

Nowadays in many companies there are quality systems in use. It demands special kind of organized reporting and management tool which contains quality related actions. In Oscar, management of quality actions is a built-in feature, which makes it possible to log, manage and report all the company’s processes in needed accuracy.  This is how we can intervene in time.

Paperwork Management

Objects that are in Oscar system (f. ex. clients, offers, production, labels, quality actions) are possible to link or save to the database easily. Just choose your document type and save. You will find the documents that are related to order-delivery chain easily without searching.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Oscar’s ERP-solutions contain hundreds of different kind of reports related to different parts of business. You can make your own reports and edit them as you need. In addition, different dashboard views visualize the success of business.

In addition to basic reporting, Oscar offers world-class BI-reporting with Qlik View and Qlik Sense, when only your imagination sets the limit to wanted business views.


Oscar sends reminders automatically regarding to different parts of business. In addition, the management and employees can send messages and reminders to each other which are possible to link to the present case. This way you can dig into the message without any searching.  The message history stays into the database and it is easy to return to it if needed.

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Cloud Services


Comprehensive Cloud Service

(Saas - Software as a Service) means that the software and the server environment that the server needs to function has been rented for a monthly fee. Oscar Softwares cloud services offers you a cost-effective and safe way to utilize the most modern technology where ever you are.

Licenses to Cloud Services

You can acquire the softwares needed with a traditional licensing princible. The alternative solution is to rent the sofwares for a monthly fee (ASP - Application Service Providing) to your own or third part server. 

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Online Store

Oscar Online Store is an online store software that in addition to comprehensive e-commerce functionalities contains also a content management tool for easy maintenance of the content of the website. Oscar Online Store is an online store and extranet solution that is genuinely fully integrated in your enterprise resource planning system.


Electronic Order Access – EDI/OVT

Oscar has the readiness to link directly with partners’ and carriers’ information systems, allowing for information to transfer automatically and flawlessly from A to B, without unnecessary extra work. The client’s order is recorded directly in Oscar’s order database and the purchase orders submitted by Oscar are transmitted to the suppliers electronically. Carriers receive details of the shipments in their own systems. Comparison of the freight price lists occurs automatically. 



An extranet web service created for the company’s important stakeholders and integrated in the ERP system can be utilized, for instance, by clients, suppliers, partners and retailers. In addition, an intranet can be created for the company’s own personnel. An extranet and intranet enable you to commit and serve important stakeholders and your own personnel even more effectively. 


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