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Liuttu Logistiikka Oy
Liuttu Logistics is your key to both person and parcel transportation all the way from taxi and charter services to regular and single parcel deliveries. Our customer service is here for you around the clock, and you can contact us when it best suits you. Tell us your needs and we will find the best solution for you.
Elixi Oil Oy
The Somero-based Elixi Oil Inc. is Finland’s leading flax-refining company, set up in 1993. We specialize in the cultivation and refining of oil flax. We develop, produce and market special dietary oils and fiber products that promote health for consumers, the food industry and the producers of natural nutrients. The oil flax used in our products is grown through contract cultivation in southern Finland. Contract cultivation facilitates quality control and the traceability of the origin of the products.
David Sports Oy
Since 1982 David has been the forerunner and leader in the fields of fitness, rehabilitation and physical therapy. As a result, a number of outstanding exercise machines with patented features were designed and produced.
Nordstock Oy
Nordstock Ltd is a regional distribution company that focuses on the wholesale of industrial decorative materials and related project activities. Alongside Finland, our operations are growing in both the Baltic region and Scandinavia. Our primary business area comprises of importing and distributing industrial decorative and furnishing materials. Plastic and paper based foils and natural acrylic stone are our two largest product groups. Our materials handling and distribution center is located in the Nurmijärvi industrial area. Situated on the Helsinki-Tampere express way, the center ensures we can serve our customers efficiently both in Finland and the nearby region.
TTS Liftec Ltd
TTS Liftec Ltd is a part of TTS Group ASA which is a global enterprise that designs, develops and supplies equipment for the marine and oil and gas industries. TTS Liftec designs and delivers systems for loading and unloading ships in ports and other heavy material handling solutions for industry. The company's portfolio includes systems for containers and cargo cassette handling along with extensive service and aftersales capabilities. 
CM Tools Oy

CM Tools Oy provides its customers with production automation and designs, manufactures and maintains tools and offers machining services. We base our operations on versatile expertise and service; designing, efficiency of production and profitability of operations. By managing these areas we are able to provide our customers with service that is the most efficient and competitive possible in the areas we operate.

Bierkühl Oy
Bierkühl Oy has worked for cool enjoyment since year 1992. Scandinavia leading manufacturer products are very innovating and high quality. Our customers are e.g. leading brewery companies. Our 2000 square metre manufacturing hall is located in Mikkeli Finland.
Orneule Oy
Orneule Ltd, which was founded in 1978, is the largest manufacturer of metric knit goods in Finland. Our company is located in Orivesi where we knit over 0,5 million kilos of fabric in a year. Most of the knits are knitted as raw knits which are dyed and finished using subcontractors. Our customers come both from domestic and internationa companies and facilities. Export make up about 20 % of our sales and the most important exporting countries are Russia, the Baltic countries, Sweden and Germany. Our versatile machinery enables us to produce different kinds of knitted goods. We have knitted fabrics for very diverse purposes which you can explore from our web pages.
Laserkeskus Oy
Laserkeskus Oy is a metal industry company specialized in pre-treatment and pre-cutting of metal components for manufacturers. We wish to work side by side with our clients production processes. We are a cost effective alternative if you want to outsource your production pre-treatment services and concentrate on developing your core business.
Finnchain Oy
Finnchain Oy signifies a strong capability in the chain field, for the special support of environmental technology applications. Our main products are chain scraper systems used for waste water- and water treatment processes. Our whole operation, from the design of the product to its service free practice is reflective of our strict way in realising our clients' hopes and requirements professionally, reliably, persistently and broadly.
Mikro-Pulssi Oy
EXACT is a complete supplier of high-quality survey technology services throughout Europe. We are skilled at surveying and gathering the exact data that you need. We are also the partner you need to extract as much information as possible from your data and to use it wisely.
Suptek Oy
Hellmanin Konepaja Oy
Lankamaailma Oy
Tammiholma Oy
PurAit Oy
Joleikon Oy
TH-Tools Oy
Fenix Sign Oy
Mauste-Sallinen Oy
Seri-Deco Oy
Price & Pierce Finland Oy
Voiman Oy
Miraz Trading Oy
DecoWorks Oy
Ewona Oy
Kiertokapula Oy
Munkkimiehet Oy
Pneumacon Oy
Nor-Maali Oy
Honkasen Puutarha Oy
Teräselementti Oy
Blue Cargo Oy
Menumat Oy
Saunatalo Oy
FinnSonic Oy
Bioferme Oy
Suomen Kodinkonetukku Oy
Bright Finland Oy
Digiman Oy
Grenovia Oy
Erical Oy
Kierto Ympäristöpalvelut Oy
Instead of disposal, hazardous waste should primarily be exploited and reused. We offer unique solutions for doing this. Get in touch and let us tell you more! We are small enough to listen to our customers but big enough to provide them with effective operations! Our aim is to provide cutting edge waste exploitation solutions to businesses that have incorporated environmental responsibility as an integral part of their business success.
Ab Etiproducts Oy
Ab Etiproducts Oy, a subsidiary of Eti Mine Works, a Turkish State owned Company. Etiproducts Oy is the exclusive sales agent and distributor of Eti Mine Works' Boron products for Scandinavia, Poland, Baltic States and CIS. Ab Etiproducts Oy has several warehouses in the Baltic rim (Sweden, Finland, Poland and Latvia). Ab Etiproducts Oy has a subsidiary in Russia, Etiproducts Llc, which is responsible for Russian market. Etiproducts Llc has a stock place in Black Sea region (Azov). With its head office in Helsinki, Ab Etiproducts Oy is managing the sales and distribution of Boron Products with a well-spread logistics network. 
Dust Control Systems Oy
Dust Control Systems Oy was established in year 1983. Our workshop and head office are located in Voikkaa, Finland. The company is engaged in air handling and related equipment design, manufacturing and development. We supply a range of flue gas cleaning, dust removal and gas cleaning equipment. Our products have been specially developed for demanding industrial environments. Our workshop is specialized in manufacturing demanding machine parts. Among our clients are industrial and energy companies.
Suomen Addon Oy
Suomen Addon Oy, founded 1990 is a solid, privately owned company. Our core business is
ICT distribution in Finland. Three main lines of businesses are import, wholesales and
contract manufacturing. All these three lines are supportive to each other. That gives us
the opportunity to offer professional solutions to our customers, in component and product
purchases as well as in custom made product manufacturing.
Epsira Oy
Epsira Oy is the leading producer of moulded EPS plastics in Finland. Situated in Vammala, Finland, where we have been operating for over 30 years, our product range includes hundreds of various articles.


Finnmirror Oy
Finnmirror is the largest mirror manufacturer in the Nordic countries, and one of the most significant fixture manufacturers in Finland.
Fintex-Tetrakem Oy
Swegon Oy
For more than 60 years, Swegon has developed products and systems for energizing indoor climate with optimal life cycle cost in focus. Swegon will deliver smart products and system solutions that create a good indoor climate and contribute to significant energy savings.
Askon Group
We are specialized in industrial maintenance, service and installations. Our workshop is specialized in spare part manufacturing and repair. We have operated for 36 years with strong experience. Our workshop is located in Kaarina, in Southern Finland.
Dosmar Oy
The company Dosmar Oy was established in 1993. The basic direction of our activity is supply automatic identification equipment and equipment for information systems to retail trade enterprises, to industrial enterprises and in public-administrative sector. The office of our company, including our own warehouse where more than 800 types of equipment are constantly stored, is located in Helsinki. We have a constant list of more than 500 companies as permanent customers that specialize in the field of system integration. Besides domestic customers, we serve also customers from Sweden (through our daughter company Postronic AB), Baltic countries, and Russia. Our turnover has constantly increased and most recent - 2013, was 15 million EUR. Dosmar Oy is the part of a group well known in Scandinavia the Amplex-Group. The assortment of equipment covers the needs of our customers most fully. Our suppliers are the well-known manufacturers, which have leading positions in the own areas. Therefore, we are having opportunity to supply from one place (one stop shopping) and under competitive conditions reliable and most suitable equipment. Wide assortment, reliable equipment, competitive prices, duly deliveries, technical support, and also systems of warranty service, deliveries of spare parts and equipment services - these are components on which our business is based on.


Electromen Oy Ltd
Electromen Oy Ltd, an electronics engineering company, was founded in Turku in 1988. Company headquarters are still located there. From the very start, our business idea has been to serve industrial customers by offering them customised control and measuring electronics. This idea, along with our flexible co-operation skills, has been the pillars of the success and steady growth of Electromen Oy Ltd.
Festivo Oy / Suomen Kotikylmiö Oy
Paperex Oy
Rovakaira Oy
Polar Spring Oy
Geomachine Oy
Turun Messukeskus Oy
Terätoimitus Oy
WM-plast Oy
Muoviura Oy
TRB-Raise Borers Oy
LK-Porras Oy
Euran Erikoispaperit Oy
Aqva Finland Oy
Fiskarin Laatupuu Oy
Koillis-Lapin Sähkö Oy
Marine Alutech Oy Ab
Sokeva Oy
Piltti Oy Kauppapuutarha
Turun Maalitukku Oy
OLP -tuotanto Oy
Volvo Car Finland Oy
Oy Alfa-Kem Ab
Elite Group Oy
Sirico Electronics Oy
IHD-Glas Oy
Suomen EDM Oy
Tornionlaakson Sähkö Oy
Heikki Lehto Oy
Finntest Oy
Scantima Maskin Oy
JokiLaakeri Oy
JokiLaakeri Oy is a wholesaler and importer of technical products that has been in operation since 1991. This Finnish family-owned business provides customers a wide range of high-quality products with competitive prices, along with a variety of design services.
Esbecon Oy

Esbecon Oy is a 1991 founded import and marketing company for electrical products. We are specialized in power feeding systems for cranes and mobile machines, special cables, cable components, connectors, electronic sensors, protective tubings, audible and visual signalling products, lifting and separation magnets, industrial radio remote controls and anti collision systems.

Nordic Power Service Oy
Established in 2011, Nordic Power Service is a company specialized in the maintenance and repairing of power plant boilers and the equipment of process industry. Our main customers are the manufactures of power plant boilers and process industry. Together with its affiliated companies Nordic Power Service forms the Nordic Power Service Group. The group’s revenue is 25M€ and it employees over 100 people. 
Kauppahuone Harju Oy
Kauppahuone Harju Oy was established 1979 to provide quality products for DIY markets as a wholesaler. Key product areas are electrical fittings and accessories, lighting, HVAC parts, electrical power tools and garden tools. Our own brands include AXA, ElectroGEAR, StepGEAR and WaterGEAR. We also represent brands Einhell, KWB, Etman, Cellfast, Famatel and Fumagalli which are internationally well known. Our goal is to provide wide range of quality products with reasonable price to the markets we serve.
A&M Holmberg
Holmberg is a company dedicated to the design, import and resale of womens, mens and childrens clothes. In addition to clothes, we produce and import shoes, jewellery, cosmetics and home textiles. The cornerstones of our operations are expertise, speed and flexibility. Our total revenue in 2014 was approximately 10 million euros.
Panostaja Oyj
Panostaja is an investment company that owns and develops Finnish SMEs. At Panostaja, ownership is active partnership, development of management work, identification of growth potential and facilitation of reaching full potential.
Note Hyvinkää Oy
NOTE is a leading northern European manufacturing and logistics partner with an international platform for manufacturing electronics-based products that require high technology competence and flexibility through product lifecycles.
Kiinnikekeskus Oy
Kuusamo Hirsitalot Oy
We produce wooden houses for our customers and provide the services required for construction planning. The harsh climate of Northern Finland forces the trees to mature slowly, giving a compact and dense material. This wood has unique structural properties with low moisture content. Our company is a members of the Pölkky Group, the most important sawmill in Northern Finland. Our combined turnover is in excess of 160 million Euros. Our harvest system is based around the principles of sustainable forest management. Our good relationship and long term cooperation with the local forest owners ensures a plentiful supply of raw material.
Intermarketing Oy
Intermarketing is a leading Finnish provider of technology and service solutions for banking, retail, transportation, healthcare industries and for public sector. We serve customers all over Finland with strong service network and own software capability. Intermarketing employs 35 experts and turnover was EUR 11 million in 2013.
Triotec Oy
Triotec Oy is a machine workshop that manufactures, markets and sells high-quality poultry farming systems, external feed and Pellet silos and conveyors. Triotec is the welded silos market leader in Finland.
AirWise Oy
Paattimaakarit Oy