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About Oscar Service


Oscar Service is an ERP system dedicated to electronic service centers. Oscar Service’s story begins in 2003 when a mobile repair center in Tampere started using the system in their work order handling. Oscar Service is a product of Oscar Software Oy. 


Oscar Service consists of the ERP system itself, web portals for different use and Oscar Interface Layer (API-interface) for communicating with 3rd parties. All web portals are made to be used in mobile devices also. Oscar Service can be used as a cloud service or it can be installed to your own server.


Oscar Software Oy


Oscar Software Oy is an IT-company which provides ERP-solutions. Oscar Software is founded in 2005 and it’s headquarters is in Tampere, Finland. At Oscar Software there are around 100 employees providing the best service for every customer. You can find more information about Oscar Software in Oscar Software’s homepage (in Finnish).






Key features of Oscar Service


 Sales and purchase orders and ledgers, warehouse, customer registry and so much more. It’s a service with dedicated user interface for handling repairs. Call center functionalities have also been added.


 Direct link to manufacture’s systems for receiving and dividing orders in real time. You can also find reports made about a guaranteed service and print them for further use. 


 For end users e.g. to create work orders, order freight and print freight bills. Customer gets the cost estimate in advance or after the repair before payment. He can also check the status of the work order while the service is unfinished.


 Email and SMS sending possibilities with e.g. automation and multiple recipient possibilities. Multiple forms can be automatically created and selected for certain cases. 


 Web shop with direct integration to Oscar Service saves time and effort which provides possibilities to increase sales. Web shop can be used as an extranet also. 


 Same functions as in service portal but with additional data input possibilities for subcontractors. These are e.g. part row handling and inputting IRIS codes and work description. Portal provides the possibility for subcontractors to have consignment stocks also. 


 API-interface to interact with 3rd parties. Company can make e.g. direct integrations with different interfaces between their own systems and new ones. 


 Let us dot the bookkeeping for your company. Working with our own software we surely can provide cost efficient solutions for bookkeeping.  


 For shops, municipalities or companies where user can e.g. create work orders and work queues. SMS and email remainders can be sent through the system. Also work order forms can be printed directly from the web portal. Individual login is given per user which helps recognizing the user.


 Integration to all major freight companies in Oscar Service and in all the web portals.


 Business intelligence solutions for better visibility of the process and to help the decision making in the management.


 Solutions for work time management. System can be used e.g. as a base for calculating salaries. Different contract of employment methods can be set in the system.


Years of service


Work orders handled daily


Places system is used


Lost customers



Samsung Service


Samsung Service is Samsung’s branded authorized service partner in Sweden and Finland. Company was founded in 2008 and has its own service centers in Stockholm, Göteborg and Helsinki. In all there are 70 people working with Oscar Service. In addition over 100 subcontractors use Oscar Service as their service provider.

All the daily routines from work orders to invoicing can be done within one system through Oscar Service. Oscar Web solutions provide multiple ways to input new work orders and a better visibility to customers.

With Oscar Service, the management of a wide range of subcontractors is more simple. Now subcontractors get their work orders straight to their own Oscar Partner portal where they have already filled all the info needed. All the spare part handling and purchase proposals are made in the portal. Spare parts are shipped straight from the manufacturer to the subcontractor which makes the whole process more simple. Same portal is used by Samsung Services’ own technicians when doing inhome services.

Mobylife was established in 2014 as a result of a major merger in the Nordic service provider sector. Deltaservice from Norway, Optima Service from Finland and Telecare Service from Denmark joined forces because they had the same vision to provide the customer with standardised quality services, competitive prices and smooth logistics.
Today Mobylife offers a wide range of services and solutions for customers. Mobylife covers the Nordic region and provides professional repairs for consumers and companies including all major brands and operators.

• Authorised repairs only, certified by manufacturers
• Repairs for smartphones, tablets, computers and cameras
• 4 production sites secure fast processing and smooth logistics
• Independent ownership
• Largest repair volume in the Nordics – 1 million units per year

Oscar Service and Oscar Service portal tools are used in Mobylife Finland. Oscar web portal tool solutions provide multible ways to input new work orders and make tracking visibility to customers.



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